Influencing Senior Stakeholders - Future Talent MeetUp

Influencing Senior Stakeholders - Future Talent MeetUp

Onur Benli FJ News, Market Insight

Last week, our most recent HR Future Talent MeetUp on the topic ‘Influencing Senior Stakeholders’ took place in our Düsseldorf Office. Our guest speaker Henning Schloer, Talent Acquisition Manager at Miltenyi Biotec, provided us with insights about the challenging daily business as a recruiter concerning the cooperation with stakeholders in a global company. In an open and interactive discussion, the participants had the opportunity to exchange their own experiences and talk about issues and difficulties.

As a Talent Acquisition Manager it obviously is a challenging task to satisfy every stakeholder at the same time, but he gave us an overview about how to manage this in a leading company with more than 3000 employees across the globe and within the specific topic of cell analysis. Setting the right priorities, showing loyalty as well as establishing a friendly relationship are just some of few inputs Henning Schloer referred to. Even more interesting was that the majority of the participants has made similar experiences and has faced the same problems, even though all of them worked within different sectors.

With the help of a visual practice at the end of the event, the challenges Young Professionals are confronted which had been pointed out. Who are your most important Stakeholders? How do you influence them? What has proven successful and what has not? Everyone agreed in one point: The personal contact to your stakeholders is essential.

It is clearly not possible to avoid working with stakeholders, especially not in the field of HR. How each of us individually ensures a productive and successful long-term relationship with them will be left to ourselves, but there sure are some aspects to focus on. To move away from established and old processes and to not be afraid of initiating new optimisation processes is a valuable advice for HR Young Professionals who are working in a dynamic and fast-moving market.