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HR Systems

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In the latest KPMG report “The Future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No” one can find the following quotation of Vishalli Dongrie, Head of People & Change at KPMG India:

“The next-generation HR function has an essential role to play, replacing traditional ‘best practices and cost-cutting’ approaches with bold new strategies, structures, tools, processes and metrics.”

What are these new tools and metrics of the people function driving digitalisation, tech affinity and change to an innovative mindset amongst employees? How advanced is HR with this process in Germany?

In order to investigate these topics further on a local German scale and engage HR leaders in the discussion, I would like to introduce a series of market commentaries devoted to tech and IT-related topics in HR. Various aspects of this complex and diverse discourse would be presented on regular basis.

The first issue is addressing one of the most crucial, and for some HR professionals, also troublesome subjects of e-HR transformation in Germany – HR Systems. The way to simplification and automation of the workflow is clearly not the easiest for the People function. Despite a broad choice of workforce management solutions in the market, there is still no one integrated HR System which would be user friendly and cover all the aspects of the employee life-cycle.

You can find the full version of the article here.

How far is your organisation in the HR Digitalisation process? Are you noticing any influence on your recruiting needs in the light of these developments? Please feel free to reach out to me at ekaterinaiankovskaia@frazerjones.com or via LinkedIn. I’d be very keen to hear your thoughts and look forward to connecting.