Agility and Recruitment

Agility and Recruitment


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Agility is often noted as one of the key competitive advantages for companies that are in rapidly changing markets. Companies that adhere to best practices are eventually overtaken by their competition because they cannot adapt quickly enough to changes in the environment. However, agile forms of organisation increase the capacity for change and encourage innovation. Essentially it is about the organisation's ability to act flexibly and proactively in times of constant change and in face of diverse uncertain situations.

You are probably aware of agile models from project management or software development. But what is the role of HR when it comes to improving the agility of an organisation?

From a HR perspective it is all about ensuring that employees can react to new developments quickly and as efficiently as possible. To ensure this, they must possess the necessary skills, be equipped with an appropriate infrastructure and be supported by uncomplicated processes that they can use. Agile organisations require agile employees and vice versa. When only considering the desired skills and the selection of appropriate staff, we are talking about talent acquisition.

For example, let us have a look at a simple but common problem. Based on a checklist, recruiters usually work with standardised interview forms. A minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of XY? Check! Leadership experience? Check! University degree? Check! In this way, recruiters can reduce the complexity of a role to a great extent and possibly shorten the time-to-hire. However, for agile organisations skills such as creativity, the ability to cooperate or an entrepreneurial mind-set have a major importance; these skills cannot be box ticked off in passing. In order to evaluate necessary skills for agility, the use of a target-oriented selection process must therefore be generally discussed.

Being an HR Professional how do you ensure that your business can win agile and adaptable employees? We are happy to advise you on the individual design of your selection process.

As a hiring manager which strategy do you follow? Do you risk a second look?