Some Thoughts on Diversity

Some Thoughts on Diversity


Stephanie Abdel-Ahad Diversity, Market Insight, Market Intelligence...

Diversity over the years has gained more attention. For some, diversity is already delinquent since it has for some time been a fixed component in organisational cultures due to the advancement of globalization and the on-going societal change. For others, diversity happens to be an irritating topic, since it demands extra resources and stimulates a costs/usage debate.

The degree of diversity is influenced by the aims and the situation of the company. One thing is for sure; diversity is still a debatable and multifaceted topic and produces a significant gain if it is approached with care and prudence.

We at Frazer Jones take this topic very seriously because diversity is one of our main features and drives us to success.

New impulses and different perspectives (such as intercultural competences) are determining factors for us. How do you deal with the topic of diversity at your workplace and which experiences have you made? We look forward to your feedback.